To be one of the most admirable Global Brand that brings consumers great tasting, high quality, healthier Nutrition Solutions for a stronger and healthier world.

To create and promote great tasting, high quality, healthier Nutrition Solutions that:
  • CONSUMERS recommend to family and friends
  • RETAILERS and DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS prefer for their customers and
  • EMPLOYEES are proud of.
We exist to create solutions where passion and purpose come together for great taste that inspires optimism.

We are different…!!!
We are nerds. We are workaholics (occasionally). We ask lots of questions (mostly get kick instead of answers). We are introverts (sometimes outspoken). We have limited friends (fun loving though). We are disruptive (so we rebuild). We are humans and we have our own list of values.
We call it the PI LIST.

  • Purpose that inspires optimism
  • Innovation – Foster innovation to build a better tomorrow
  • Leadership – Participative decision making to meet organizational goals
  • Integrity – Open, fair and honest with others and to ourselves
  • Sustainability – Committed to protect the environment and society for sustainable growth
  • Transparency – Take full accountability to fulfil our commitments
Kishor Kapadiya

Kishor Kapadiya
Founder & CEO

Kishor Kapadiya is a Trailblazer. With Pi NUTRITION, Kishor has taken a lead in creating and promoting great tasting value added nutritious beverages. The Pi Fruitfolio is revolutionary and game changer. His mantra “Disrupt to Develop” is the cornerstone of Pi NUTRITION.

A Pharma post-graduate from Manipal University, Kishor has worked extensively in Pharma industry with brief stint in Certification industry before finding his true inspiration for entrepreneurship.

He believes every JOURNEY has a STORY to tell and he is ready to LIVE that STORY.

Sumit Salia
Partner & Serial Entrepreneur

Sumit Salia is a born entrepreneur. A successful leader in managing global business operations, developing scientific dietary supplements and establishing organizations from scratch. His partnership with Pi NUTRITION brings pearls of wisdom to set sail in the ocean of nutrition business.

A post graduate in Pharma and management, Sumit is the founder of Summit Nutritions LLC, USA and its Indian subsidiary Summit Nutritions India Pvt Ltd.

He believes in the story of Pi NUTRITION and he is ready to LIVE that STORY.

Kishor Kapadiya
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